Bagpipe Makers: Fletcher Bagpipes (Glasgow)

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As Bagpipe Makers, Fletcher Bagpipes are reknowned throughout the World by soloists and by pipers in many of today's top Grade I Pipe Bands.

The reputation of Fletcher Bagpipes is built upon the fact that each instrument is crafted in the traditional hand. Each piece of authentic African Blackwood is carefully inspected, whilst the design and appearance of our silverwork sets Fletcher Bagpipes apart from other Bagpipe Makers. A time intensive process ensures that every bagpipe which leaves our workshop is perfect and also unique.

As one of Scotland's finest Bagpipe Makers, we take enormous pride the craftsmanship of our Highland Bagpipes.

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"I would recommend Fletcher Highland Bagpipe Makers to any Piper. The sound quality is awsome, they are simple to maintain, and they are a joy to play" :: Stuart Liddel; Top Soloist / SFU Pipe Band


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